About me 

Hey, I'm Jason!

A 2000s "baby" that is keen to learn and grow day by day!

I'm a creative UX designer driven by the desire to help people solve modern problems, create products and enhance user experiences. Creating a functional/usable product that has even the slightest positive impact on people lives is one of my goals. 

Outside of work I enjoy listening to music... on blast 🔊 , checking the fridge every 5 minutes... and getting together with friends to have new experiences.

Oh, did I mention I'm also a cynophilist 🐕

*Cynophilist: One that is favourably disposed towards dogs.. AKA DOG ENTHUSIAST.

Jason Nguyen


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My Journey into the UX world

Throughout the late years in high school  (2018-2019), I was clueless about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I detested high school and felt like the majority of the things I was doing there wouldn't contribute to my future. School felt like a test on the memory rather than my knowledge. So as my motivation for school fell, my motivations for learning and side hustles rose.

This lead me to open my first ever eCommerce website and my addiction to wanting to learn more just grew.

This is when I discovered Ux Design. I initially learnt about UX by doing online courses and watching youtube videos but it wasn't enough...  So towards the end of year 12, my friend made a suggestion to attend the General Assembly course and learn from professionals. After a few weeks, I considered it and then applied. I got accepted...

Just recently graduated from UX Design Immersive course at General Assembly and have completed 13 weeks/500+ hours of work. I've got a strong understanding of Human-Centered Design but I'm still looking for the opportunities to learn and grow.

So now I'm ready to see what the UX world has to offer!


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