18 Days


Miro, Figma,  Invision


Team of 4


General Assembly X Real-World Client


Vita. A not-for-profit organisation with a vision to apply behavioural science to help inspire and enable people to achieve healthier lives through sustainable lifestyle decisions.

Vita's Values: "Education, Honesty and empowerment"


Vita currently has an in-person program that revolves around chronic disease prevention it focuses on

  • How to deal with roadblock and challenges,

  • Changing their food habits

  • Increasing their activity levels

  • Reinforcing their habits

The Problem

According to the Australian Institute of health and welfare, Australia #1 killer is Coronary Heart Disease. The most insane part  70-90% of the cases preventable. Vita wishes to scale the in-person program via a digital product, to an audience of 100 million by 2023.

"We need an interface that helps people monitor what they put in their body, and celebrate what they don't because helping people eat better is the first step in fighting chronic diseases"- Vita

Based on Vita's research they know the best way to reach their business goals efficiently would be to implement a plant-based diet into the lives of their users, with the MVP focusing on helping people eat better.


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