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Captain 7 is an Educational Technology startup, founded by John Isaac And Nacay Lazar, both extremely passionate educators who strongly believe in a personalised approach when it comes to children's education based on the child's interest, & ability, delivered via a human-centred curriculum that focuses on problem-solving, creative/critical thinking, visual thing and first principles.

"We believe it is important for every child, regardless of age, to learn
how to effectively solve problems in order to adapt to changing conditions throughout their academic life and beyond."

The Aim

The goal is to not encourage all students to pursue a S.T.E.M career but to provide them with the opportunity to pursue a career which aligns with their natural interest/talents.

  • To deliver workshops( incursions) at schools for grades 4-12

  • Provide professional development training and workshops for educations

  • Need an online presence in the form of a responsive website


  • To start with a pilot programme

Provides less risk and isn't seen as a money grab because decision-makers want a long term solution rather than following a trend.

  • Target a specific age group​​

Once they have a product for one age group, it would be easy to diversify to others as it has to be linked to the curriculum. Although it may take a while because children have different levels of understanding through grades 4 to year 12.

  • Provide a holistic, tailored program 

A pilot will also provide John and Nancy with a learning opportunity to understand all the elements that come with conducting workshops/PD/incursions and tailoring it to specific grades.

The Solution

  • A responsive website that consists of the benefits that Captain provides to educators

  • "Contact us" allowing educators to learn more about the pilot programme via direct contact with John and Nancy 

  • The website displays the credibility of John and Nancy and their respective backgrounds

  • Small detailed steps of how the program works on the website.

View High Fidelity Prototype here!


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